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CARGO - A Blender Animation (Eevee)

This is the result of a short distance beginner course for Blender, rendered with Eevee.
I wanted to experiment with all things I picked up during the course. I became a sucker for volumetric light and procedural noise in textures, hence the glowing asteroids.
Everything made in blender except for a few textures used for rocks and metal panels. Otherwise everything is generated in Blender.

I wanted to improve a lot of things, such as crap design on smaller ships, make rocks more rocky and cut some shots and add some more interesting ones with a character. However I kept postponing fixing these things so I discontinued the project and moved on so this is it for this animation. On to the next space adventure!

Music is: Future Is Gone by Pilotpriest. Give that guy some love, this animation is nothing without his epic sounds!