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Reaper 2186 - Mass Effect Fan Cinematic Test

First off, I found a lowres model of the Reaper online when searching for assets so I take no credits for that model or the light textures. Unable to find the original creator. I made some adjustments and turned parts highres. Everything else I made from scratch.

This project started out with me filming fireworks on New Years. I wanted to turn them into animated lights and light "metal beasts" in the sky with these lights alone. I wanted to practice a cinematic feeling with one shot and some simple movement. One shot turned into three, one reaper turned into several and one spaceship turned into even more. Maybe once I'll stick to the original idea..

This was finished in April 2017, but thought it could be fun to have it on this page.

The final video is graded, the stills are not.

Reaper 2186 - Mass Effect Fan Video