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The Minerva Belt

This is my submission for the KitBash3D Minerva Challenge. Created in Blender with Eevee, graded in DaVinci Resolve. Additional video with shifting hue is also added, because wow, all the colors!!

The asteroids of the Minerva belt have a strange shifting bioluminescence, causing vegetation to grow and creating its own atmosphere.

Boy do I wish I knew out about this challenge way sooner. In less than a week with very little spare time this is what I managed to make. I'm relatively new to Blender but found this as a good opportunity to push myself in the software. I thought my PC was stronger, but had lots of issues when I tried to use more of the structures from the Minerva pack, so I was limited to using only the cargo ship and some construction parts and the vegetation. But I learnt a lot and look forward to breaking it down and improve this piece.

I previously experimented with bioluminescence in asteroids and figured this was a good opportunity to improve the workflow and flexibility of this world.

Music used:

Main video.

Video with shifting Hue filter, because wow, all the colors!!